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so what‘s wrong with you ? Don’t post anything in English ? Man you‘ve got serious problems 。 we are here talking about football not about how’s my English 。 you got that ? And don‘t only think only you can understand English 。 I have many friends in china who can speak and understand general English 。 I am not here to advertise myself , I can speak understand 6 languages 。 Don’t think you‘re genius in English 。 what if native English speaker compares English with you ? Not only written English 。 Spoken English , you wanna try ? have some respect for others bro。 你应该好好学习怎么尊重别人, 我们在讨论足球 不是 我的英文水平 。 Respect others bro 。有,而且不少(正经来说,4支球队[看不下去],牛逼牛逼。

哈哈, 没有没有, 就是有的人不懂尊重别人是什么,Just be easy,friend。Don’t be angry with these fool guys,it is not worse。

but i 看不懂[看不下去],we can 互粉一波 haha ,ARSENAL FANS are perfect。

so,which 大佬翻译下。

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